On my lack of focus.

Typo Lad has stupid comic panels. Scott and the Suspension of Disbelief people know about actual things and apply that knowledge to comics. Dave has a totally Airwolf collection. Kevin has photo-comics, Genius Covers Sundays, the occasional comics remix, and The Thing That Was Once Known As Shit That's Killing Comics. Comics Should Be Good has a sort of Polyphonic Spree thing going for it.

I have a bunch of random crap that's either tedious or trying to be funny.

I enjoyed making my comics premix (which was for a photoshop thing on another site, so it's hardly original), but that sort of thing is an awful lot like Kyle's movie poster reviews, and Kevin's done a couple of premixes as well. Interior page remixes are usually more fun, anyway.

I've also done the occasional insupportable hypothesis (or four) and hardcore geekstatporn, but those are hard to come by, and they kind of make me hate myself.

The name of this page came from my juvenile giggling over Wanda's universe-altering (and comic-narrating) vagina, but that series has stalled out, and I haven't seen anything else like that Donna Troy page since.

So until I think of something better, I remain unfocused, existing solely to amuse myself. And to give me something to stick in the URL space when commenting on others' blogs.