Some people...

Jeez, I forget to scroll down for a while, and I miss a couple comments on my Civil War entry. The first (of the two) was from Carla of snap judgments, which I added to my links thing[1] (and I even fit it into the OCD name-length order on the first try!). The second was from some chav scum who ranted for 3 or 4 screen-lengths (much more seriously than my original post) about how I'm stupid for noticing things, I guess. The UK, our love affair is over! Well, as soon as Big Brother ends. Unless QI is back on by then.

Anyway, I finished that giant stack of graphic novels a while back, and I thought it would only be fair to you, my reader, if I offered some facile, malformed opinions on some of them.

Black Hole: Makes Johnny Ryan's Brown Hole much funnier. I totally understand what it's a parody of now!

Selina's Big Score: Not as self-contained as I would have expected—it seems to want me to have read Cooke's Catwoman run in order to understand the characters' relationships. Still, loads of fun and beautifully drawn.

Pyongyang: I love Delisle's cartooning style. It sort of reminds me of a decaffeinated Ted Rall. A very funny and strange book. Made me want to walk backwards.

Wimbledon Green: Would calling this "a rollicking good time" be corny? Because it really is. It rollicks.

American Elf: The best of the lot. Alternately funny, feline, moving, and pee-soaked. Sometimes a combination of up to three of the above. Definitely a contender for the best comic featuring elf-cock that I've read this year. I'd still like to read the missing strip, though.

[1] I don't click through other people's blogrolls as often as I probably should, which means I usually only look at the pages of people who comment, so I end up with links to blogs that update even less frequently than mine over there. Sorry.


ZOMG Breaking News!

Writer Brian Lynch (Spider-Man Unlimited #1, Slyde Into Destiny) announces:

In September, IDW is coming out with a new mini series starring everyone's favorite character from ANGEL and BUFFY, Mr. William the Bloody himself, Spike.

Five issues, monthly, full color. Art by the insanely talented Franco Urro.

The writer of this mini-series is best known for writing and directing a movie for Kevin Smith about a decade ago, but who has also dabbled in writing the adventures of a talking blue monkey and the occasional naked dude.

SPIKE: ASYLUM is coming.

He's a funny dude. I'm looking forward to this more than I've ever looked forward to a Buffy-related comic. I didn't mean that to be as backhanded as it came off. I loved his Spider-Man Unlimited story, and I think he'll do a great job with this.

Here, have an interview.


I don't need no Civil War

Would it be excessively nitpicky to point out that there are no white center lines on streets in CT[1]?

Or that Stamford has 12 elementary schools, and of course none of them are called Stamford Elementary?

Or that Stamford doesn't have any sort of grid layout anywhere in the city, especially in the residential areas? And that it's obvious from Google Maps?

Or that Stamford is 25 miles away from NYC? And cars and public transit and photographs exist?

Or that made-up towns like Manchester AL or Fairport CT don't have these problems?

It would? Then I guess I won't mention those things.

But it would have been nice if someone at Marvel had read the New Warriors mini and noticed that Microbe probably shouldn't be talking like Ultimate Peter Parker.

Other than that, I completely agree with Graeme's review.
[1] On residential roads, solid white lines are only used as edge lines.