In which I notice another thing.

Comics fella Warren Ellis:

Musician Warren Ellis:

Conclusion: Every Warren Ellis will at some point sport a totally awesome beard.

Therefore: I am going to change my name.


In which I notice a thing.

Get Fuzzy's Chubby Huggs:

is a family-friendly Bueno Excellente:

(Hey, 100th post! While on hiatus, no less!)



Could this be my last post ever?!?

In case the hiatus wasn't obvious, it's official now.

I've been spending my time doing my best to emulate the great comic book artists of my generation.

That's right—I've been playing a lot of video games.

I'm sorry, that joke was facile and based on lies.

Wait, what's that?


You wanted to say something?

Oh. Well, there you have it. Thanks, Earl.

(Edit: Okay, I've used up all the good games for now. Back to comics!)