Musical references in 2099 Unlimited #4

2099 Unlimited #9, in addition to containing some of Warren Ellis's earliest Marvel work, also includes a story called Hulk Hammer's Echo. I believe* the sound effects in this story contain many musical references.

Choom is similar to "choon," the British pronunciation of "tune."

Toom, while also similar to "tune," is one letter away from Tool.

Slamm is an obvious reference to the Onyx hit, Slam.

Skrashh, of course, refers to the "scratching" DJs do when mixing records.

The "si-gurd si-gurd si-gurd" effect appears a few times...

... but one time, it runs together. If we take part of that, noting the D's similarity to an O, it clearly shows the name of the band Sigur Ros.

Shak shak shak, along with kra takka takka takka tam!, is obviously an imitation of the Ramayana Monkey Chant.

Sha-blam, naturally, is a tragic tale of Sha Na Na, trapped in an explosion.

Bwoom, an infantilization of "broom," could be a reference to the They Might Be Giants song, I Am Not Your Broom. Flang!, of course, refers to TMBG founder John Flansburgh.

Wok, I'm sure, is a subtle jab at David Bowie's China Girl.

Then there's Wham!

* for the purposes of this entry