Hey Freddy...

Which upcoming Marvel MAX comic book about a mutant character created by Warren Ellis are you most looking forward to?


Why does Superman hate America?

Shame on you, The CW!

As I watched last night's Smallville, I was glad to see that the liberal, bed-wetting pansy of a "superhero" known as the Green Arrow was finally being portrayed correctly, which is to say, as a villain.

His stealing from the super-rich to give to charities, I thought, was a fine allegory for the crushing tax burden the super-rich must endure, only to have those monies be used for foolish things like "social programs" and "roads."

Though Clark Kent initially fought this foul brigand, he eventually came to sympathize with the filthy communist!

Do the writers of this show forget the great Revolutionary War-era slogan, "No taxation [...]"?

Surely the letters CW must stand for Civil War, because that's what their perpetuation of these evil socialist ideas will surely lead to.

Also, Lex & Clark OTP 4eva! XD