Resurrection Man #27

In the previous issue, a meteor struck Antarctica, creating an area of warped reality. Many heroes came to check it out for some reason, but only Vandal Savage, Immortal Man, and Mitch Shelley are immune.

In this issue, they come across one casualty:

And here's the original/blank:


The Comics Internet

Now that we know Professor X has his own top-level domain, can somebody give Superman .el and Wolverine .bub? Please?


Hey Guy Who's Getting Shot!

Who's your favorite Sergio Aragon├ęs character?

Resurrection Man #14, Abnett & Lanning


Brian K. Vaughan is a sexy, sexy man.

I'm probably the last person to weigh in on Mr. Vaughan's sprawling masterpiece, but I feel that it must be said:

Mystique #2, Vaughan & Lucas

Mystique was pretty fucking awesome.