An actual entry.

Last night, I decided I wanted to spoil Civil War #4 for myself (if it's possible to spoil a book I don't read, that is). The first place I went was the YABS forum on CBR, where I thought I might find some discussion of it.

It was also the last place I looked, and I didn't even get to see any spoilers. Why? Because the J-Bolt thread has gone crazy-go-nuts!

Three months ago, which was about 3 months after I forgot all about it, activity resumed. Soon after, OMAR popped up to defend Mr. Bolt.

That went on for a while, as it tends to do.


After a month and a half of that...


Sure, I spoiled it, but nobody was going to read all 90 pages anyway, right? I recommend it, though. My favorite part so far is his grim-'n'-gritty "don't get offended, PLEASE, LADIES!" pitch. (I'm only on 227—sorry, page 227—at the moment, so there might be further, even more awesome developments since then.)


And of course I haven't neglected the library.

They got in volumes 4 and 5 of Cromartie High School, which made me squeal with delight. I also got the first 3 volumes of Yotsuba&!, which was all kinds of adorable and strange. I'm sure there's all sorts of Yotsuba's dad/Jumbo yaoi out there, but I have yet to look for it. For some reason.

They've been getting a lot of recent graphic novels too, like Deogratias, The Lost Colony, Can't Get No, and the much-anticipated Sloth. I enjoyed the latter two in a Donnie Darko way, by which I mean I liked them, but I'm pretty sure I need someone smarter than me to explain them. I also got Tony Millionaire's twisted and brilliant Billy Hazelnuts, which I read the first chapter of while walking home. Yet another reason I don't drive...


More lazy Flickr-blogging.


Edit: While I'm at it, I bit into a piece of bone in a sausage yesterday. I would like the people who made that sausage to please cease and desist linking[...]. I do not need, nor want, your sausages.

(Why do all the greatest things on the comics blogohypercube always happen (or in this case, climax) in the Wednesday-to-Friday-ish period when I'm not reading anything?)