Blogger seems to have stopped whatever it was doing (and started deleting everything on certain keypresses), so I can soldier on, displaying the last of the recent Mark Trail/Swamp Thing total coincidences.

First up, the frogs. Aside from the fish, it seems like every animal in Mark Trail is much more relaxed and mellowed out than their Swamp Thing counterparts. Here we have a Mark Trail (August 2) frog listening intently to a conversation about the wives of executives, and a Swamp Thing (#34) frog getting his snack on:

There's a little more action in this Mark Trail strip (July 20), as the deer appears to be preparing to totally make out with that beaver. Meanwhile in Swamp Thing (#27), a deer sees people running and decides, "Hey, that sounds like fun."

Finally, something that's just a bit outside the Giant Foreground Animals genre, but I had to include it. A frightened raccoon flees before the oncoming Swamp Thing (#26):

Back in Mark Trail (July 7-9), the raccoons are properly huge, and vicious too:

(Click to enlarge.)

I hope this has been as fascinating for you as it has been for me (no, really, it has been). Perhaps Jack Elrod and the various Swamp Thing artists[1] know that there are, in fact, 23 panels that always work.

[1] I thought it was only a Steve Bissette thing, but Rick Veitch and Stan Woch did it also, if not nearly as often.