The Pink-- er, White Mystery

One of the things I bored/offended my LJ friends with was a series of posts about Wanda's glowing vagina in House of M:

I mean, haw haw, glowing vagina. That's good for one meager joke right there. What really fascinated me about the whole thing was that, judging from the recap pages in the House of M titles, Wanda's vagina was narrating the story:

Then, quite soon after that, Athyns' own personal orifice snatched (sorry) The Outsiders and Young Justice away in Who The Hell Is Donna Troy? #2:

There you have it: the plot hole. (Hey, it seemed like a good idea at the time.)

I'd be just as fascinated by a series narrated by a giant penis. Except they already did that, and it was called What If?

And House of M is sort of a giant What If? story. I cracked the code!