How to sell me a comic.

Warren Ellis discusses next year's Nextwave at Newsarama:

“There's Aaron Stack, who used to be called Machine Man when he was the crappiest robot superhero on the block,” Ellis continued. “Since he was last seen, he's rewired his head so that beer works on him, and can often be heard maliciously referring to humans as ‘fleshy ones,’” Ellis revealed.

(The Talkbackers proceed to proverbially wig out, but I'll leave that business to FBR.)

Personally, he had me at "Machine Man." Jim Krueger and Alex Ross made me fall in love with him in Earth X, which I suppose had a lot to do with my hatred for The Watcher, but still. I admittedly don't know much about old Aaron (other than what I got from Earth X), or really anything about the other characters, but I'm looking forward to this.

No matter how true or otherwise the Bender conversion is...