The deal.

After boring my LJ-friends to tears with all my entries about comics, I decided to start this thing. There can never be too many comics blogs, especially ones as content-free as this one will likely be.

I've been reading Fanboy Rampage (FBR) for a while, occasionally commenting. A couple-few weeks ago, while traveling the 'comics blog-opolis,' I discovered, much to my horror, that there's another Leigh out there. The next day (or something like that), I saw him post a comment at FBR. Sure, his name had a lowercase L, and mine was capitalized, and he's clever, whereas I'm not, but because I'm a giant pussy (there's a phrase we'll all regret soon enough), and because I didn't do it that often anyway, I didn't comment for a while. When I finally had something to say, I became Some Other Leigh. Hence the URL. The title's tragic explanation will come in due course. [I changed 'em both!]

I'm 26 years old and a gay (yes, a gay). I started reading comics with GI Joe and Transformers in the '80s. The '90s led me down a dark path to loads of Image crap (and a trickle of Image non-crap), then an extended period of nothing but Johnny the Homicidal Maniac and occasional pleas for news of a new issue of The Maxx that never came. Then a few years ago, I read my sister's Sandman trades. Since then, I've been reading various older and newer things.

Some of my favorite comics of all time are Concrete, Zot!, Why I Hate Saturn, Milligan's Skreemer and Enigma, Ostrander's Suicide Squad, Moore's V for Vendetta and Top Ten, Morrison's Doom Patrol and Animal Man, Dave McKean's Cages, and Ennis's every-goddamn-thing. And Sandman, of course. I'm probably forgetting a lot.

I'm currently enjoying the hell out of Young Avengers, Cable & Deadpool, Fables, Desolation Jones, Runaways, Seven Soldiers, and just about anything Milligan, Brubaker, Kirkman, or Simone put their hands on. I'm still wearing entirely imaginary sackcloth and ashes over the dearly departed Sleeper, Wildcats 3.0, and District X.

I don't particularly care about Superman or Batman, but I loves me some Flash/Impulse/Kid Flash.

I've never read From Hell because it was stolen from the nearby library with a good comics section. The library within walking distance owns a single copy of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen vol. 1.

I loved Blankets and hated Jimmy Corrigan (in the same this-is-excruciating-and-I-must-stop-this-right-now way I hated Waking Life (though Corrigan at least looked good), so it's entirely possible they both turned awesome after I stopped reading/watching them).

So that's me, and that's what I like. It's all downhill from here.