I don't need no Civil War

Would it be excessively nitpicky to point out that there are no white center lines on streets in CT[1]?

Or that Stamford has 12 elementary schools, and of course none of them are called Stamford Elementary?

Or that Stamford doesn't have any sort of grid layout anywhere in the city, especially in the residential areas? And that it's obvious from Google Maps?

Or that Stamford is 25 miles away from NYC? And cars and public transit and photographs exist?

Or that made-up towns like Manchester AL or Fairport CT don't have these problems?

It would? Then I guess I won't mention those things.

But it would have been nice if someone at Marvel had read the New Warriors mini and noticed that Microbe probably shouldn't be talking like Ultimate Peter Parker.

Other than that, I completely agree with Graeme's review.
[1] On residential roads, solid white lines are only used as edge lines.