Thank you, Rich Johnston.

When I read Ultimate Extinction #1, I had an intense feeling of déjà vu during the Ultimate Misty Knight part of the book.

The whole setup seemed very familiar, and when I saw the reveal of Ultimate Silver Surfer, I knew there would be a sniper in the same building as UMK. I knew she'd chase her down the stairs. I felt like I'd read the entire thing before, even though I knew there was no way I could have.

I was going to ask here if it seemed familiar to anyone else, but I didn't want to seem crazy.

In the latest Lying in the Gutters column, Rich Johnston links to Warren Ellis's End Times script and compares passages from it to the published Ultimate Extinction #1.

After I followed the link and read the introductory paragraph, I knew I'd read that script before. So it turns out I'm not crazy*. Thanks, Rich.

* Well, not because of that.