Walking on the Sun

I was keeping a reasonably non-horrible one-post-per-weekday schedule for a while there, but my allergies started acting up, and the drugs put me to sleep. Sorry about that, Person Who Randomly Came Here For Some Reason.

I've started reading From Hell. A couple chapters in, I kept thinking "I don't understand... is that--?" and then it was, every time, because otherwise it would make no sense. I don't know if it's deliberately confusing (only not really) or if I'm just retarded. Or if that made any sense at all.

(ETA: A bit further in, I see it was only those two chapters. Also, wow. I want to have Moore's babies.)

All Star Superman #1 kinda-sorta reminds me of Moore's Sunburn Future-Shocks story, what with the landing-on-the-sun thing.

Then there's this, from Ellis' latest Bad Signal:

In my medicated fever last night, I decided to write a graphic novel called CNUT. Which is, of course, pronounced "Canute." But still. CNUT. In big black letters.

Oh yes. (Also, history is hilarious.)