Teen Titans #27

Yes, Liefeld is still Liefeld. I knew that going into this. I don't like how he draws, but at least I could tell what was going on, unlike certain other, arguably better artists. Seriously, I still don't know what happened with Iceman in Ultimate X-Men #19.

The story was a bit of a chore to get through, since I don't care about Hawk and Dove at all. The Robin/Father's Day stuff was good, but it was odd that Bart's mom being stuck in the future was used as an example of orphan-like-ness, since Max being trapped in the Speed Force seems more relevant to me. He seems to visit his mom all the time.

It seems like Kid Flash is in this book less and less every month. Sure, it's a team book, but he's a member of the team. At least he's slightly more prominent in The Flash, much like Cassie in Wonder Woman. If that probably-completely-made-up thing in this week's Lying in the Gutters is true (which it's not), that could change (but it won't). I hope Geoff Johns leaving The Flash means Barry Allen won't be coming back to stay.

Maybe I should be glad that Bart's been mostly in the background, considering what tends to happen to supporting characters in some books I don't read.

Oh, and here's this thing (from here, where someone was kind enough to link the Bob the Angry Flower MODOK strip long before I got there):

Also, Robert Kirkman is still welcome to have my babies.