Bored now.

I guess Paul O'Brien's boredom is a big deal or something. I get what he's saying, but I particularly liked this paragraph:

That isn't to say I'm not open to other types of comics, but it does mean I don't have the sort of "this is a comic, I must explore it" attitude that leads others to try and read their way into manga. I'm sure a lot of it is absolutely fantastic, but I could say that about my local bookstore too, and I've got a ton of books that are higher up my list of priorities because... well, I actually want to read them already.

(And to mutilate a Kill Bill quote, I never saw nobody rampage Rampage the way he rampaged Rampage.)

It's the same with me, pretty much. I've heard Love Hina is funny, and I've heard some stuff about Antique Bakery, but I don't feel any great need to read manga when I still haven't read a lot of Alan Moore's output. Or when there's a new Charlie Stross novel on the shelves. Or when I haven't read nearly as much of Robert McCammon's work as I thought I had.

It doesn't prevent me from putting the occassional manga title on my Amazon wishlist or whatever, but even though I know they're just "Japanese for 'comics,'" they're still also "that thing over there that I don't know anything about."

But a couple nearby libraries have the first volume of Nausicaa. And I do love the Miyazaki...