Liberality For Real?

I was going to dig through the ACC Studios website and read a bunch of interviews to try to figure out just what the deal was with Liberality For All.

Their press release says:

This action-packed, patriotic knee in the groin to the embodiment of the ultra-left is a blatant satire of liberalism.

I've seen it called "subtle" in some places, but the word isn't used at all on their site (at least according to Google). I thought maybe it was a 'subtle satire' of the lionization of right-wing talk radio hosts and the demonization of filmmakers and Chelsea Clinton. Then I found the Google cache of a Byrne Robotics thread (BR is down at the moment, apparently), in which Mike Mackey says:

Tell me how I can do a Google search on "conservative comic book" and get no results relating to a conservative comic book? Do you know how many very conservative people there are out there? If Michael Moore can make 100million spewing ultra lib propaganda, Why not something ultra-conservative in the Comic Genre?

Do you really believe that if [Usama Bin Laden] were to make an appeal to the U.N. promising an end to world terrorism, That Kofi [Annan] would not leap at the offer? (At any costs.)

That makes me about 99% sure it's real. If it's not, he's done a much better job of 'knowing the enemy' than he has if it's real.