Please to explain.

Why doesn't Marvel own useyourvoice.org?

Does anyone know how far in advance Jenkins probably turned in his script for Generation M #1? Before September 19, maybe?

Weren't there some URLs used in Powers that ended up pointing to jinxworld.com? If so, why is that reasonable for Bendis to do, but not Marvel? Do they assume anyone reading Gen M visits their site regularly, so it's not worth it to spend the $7/year (or whatever) the domain would cost? Not even to keep someone else from using it to advertise their whatever the hell that is?

I'm so confused.

Also, I've added and removed some links over yonder (imagine that I'm pointing—please ignore my freakishly long fingers). I noticed I wasn't really reading a couple of those sites anymore, and I decided to start reading some others. I should probably bookmark them all so my use of my own blog as a 'portal' thing stops making it show up in those damnable sites-that-link-here lists.