My baffling library.

I had to bring some books back to the library and pick up another one* today. Before I left, I searched the library's site to see if there was a Neil Gaiman book other than Anansi Boys that I hadn't read yet (I'm still not entirely sure I've read Smoke and Mirrors, but I think I might have). One of the results was Jill Thompson's The Dead Boy Detectives (I think Gaiman's listed as a consultant). What piqued my interest there wasn't that they had the book (good thing, too, since I ended up failing to find it), but rather that there must be a graphic novel section somewhere in the library that I'd never seen.

After trudging across the tundra (mile after mile) to the library, I found this wondrous new graphic novel section, among the young adult/teen books.

It was approximately half of a single shelf.

I'm hoping for their sake that it's because of high circulation of various manga titles (I know I've seen Nausicaa in their online catalog, and it wasn't there), but I doubt it.

Of the few books they had, there were a surprising number I just had to get. Everyone raves about Two Fisted Science, so I got that and Dignifying Science. Chris just wrote about Cromartie High School, which the library had the first three volumes of. I got the first one, and if I don't like it, I shall hold him personally responsible. Spencer read Night Fisher; soon I shall be cool like he is.

Just imagine how fascinating this would be if I'd actually read them! Maybe someday, dearest creepy-internet-friends. Maybe someday.

* I requested an interlibrary loan (ILL) of Robert McCammon's Blue World, which I knew was held by at least three ILL libraries in the state, about a month and a half ago. I got the notification that it had arrived last week. I got it today, and it's from Montgomery, Alabama. Efficient! Once I get my current pile read, I think I'll request Epileptic. Maybe they can borrow it from Guam.