Some people...

Jeez, I forget to scroll down for a while, and I miss a couple comments on my Civil War entry. The first (of the two) was from Carla of snap judgments, which I added to my links thing[1] (and I even fit it into the OCD name-length order on the first try!). The second was from some chav scum who ranted for 3 or 4 screen-lengths (much more seriously than my original post) about how I'm stupid for noticing things, I guess. The UK, our love affair is over! Well, as soon as Big Brother ends. Unless QI is back on by then.

Anyway, I finished that giant stack of graphic novels a while back, and I thought it would only be fair to you, my reader, if I offered some facile, malformed opinions on some of them.

Black Hole: Makes Johnny Ryan's Brown Hole much funnier. I totally understand what it's a parody of now!

Selina's Big Score: Not as self-contained as I would have expected—it seems to want me to have read Cooke's Catwoman run in order to understand the characters' relationships. Still, loads of fun and beautifully drawn.

Pyongyang: I love Delisle's cartooning style. It sort of reminds me of a decaffeinated Ted Rall. A very funny and strange book. Made me want to walk backwards.

Wimbledon Green: Would calling this "a rollicking good time" be corny? Because it really is. It rollicks.

American Elf: The best of the lot. Alternately funny, feline, moving, and pee-soaked. Sometimes a combination of up to three of the above. Definitely a contender for the best comic featuring elf-cock that I've read this year. I'd still like to read the missing strip, though.

[1] I don't click through other people's blogrolls as often as I probably should, which means I usually only look at the pages of people who comment, so I end up with links to blogs that update even less frequently than mine over there. Sorry.