Where am I?

Playing X-Men Legends II, mostly. Wolvie says back off:

Haha. Because it's like a finger. Clever.

XML3 should include Kitty Pryde, Pete Wisdom, and an unlockable GTA-like mutant-humping mini-game.

And I've just grossed myself out.

Things like this make me wish I'd started reading postmodernbarney.com much earlier:

Steer him clear of Swamp Thing, for example. He'll have no idea who Alan Moore is and will only remember the terrible, terrible movies. Likewise, don't hand him Sandman. You're gay, not a goth. Don't hand him Preacher because he'll think you're a serial killer.

Though it has little to do with comics (other than maybe Warren Ellis' occasional use of urban legends), every now and then, someone will say something that makes me think of this, my favorite urban legend ever, and I'll start smiling for no reason:

These so called "chickens" are kept alive by tubes inserted into their bodies to pump blood and nutrients throughout their structure. They have no beaks, no feathers, and no feet. Their bone structure is dramatically shrunk to get more meat out of them.

They're sort of like mutants, right? X-Chickens! Here's where I'd normally find a picture of a chicken and edit it into the above picture, flipping the proverbial bird, but I couldn't find a good one, and I have a game to play.