Insert 'package' pun here.

Yesterday, Tom Tomorrow blogged about the latest plagiarism scandal and book packaging companies. Today, he linked to a Times article on the subject.

From the second page (emphasis mine):

Packagers have been around for decades, dating at least as far back as the Stratemeyer Syndicate, creators of the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys mystery series. Today, packagers work not just in the teenage market, but on all kinds of titles, from illustrated coffee-table books and toddler series to self-help tomes and graphic novels.

I can't even begin to guess which graphic novels could have been "packaged" like Nancy Drew or Sweet Valley High books. Is there some parallel comics market that I'm completely unaware of? Could they be referring to some manga titles? The upcoming Dark Tower books from Marvel (which have some similarities to that method, I gotta say)? Any American comics that have editors? Do any of you smart people know what they mean?